Learn About Our Integrated Franchise Support System

At Uni K Wax, we have a dedicated team of industry professionals to guide you through opening your studio. We provide support during every step leading up to your grand opening – and beyond.

Training & Customer Support

All of our franchisees and their teams go to Uni K University to learn the ins and outs of our unique business model. Your whole team will attend our Waxer Training to learn how to properly prepare our wax blend in the lab for each appointment, our special waxing technique to provide the most comfortable experience, and our entire aftercare retail line to help customers’ services last longer – while simultaneously growing your bottom line. At Uni K Wax, customer experience is paramount to the success of our locations. That’s why we provide a rigorous training program to ensure your team provides consistent results each time.

Grand Opening

Once construction is complete, you and your team have completed training, and it’s just about time to open your studio, we’ll help you plan a grand opening event. This is a chance to make a big splash for the launch of your new studio to get the people in your community excited.

Our team will help in the planning, prep, and execution of your grand opening event. We’ll be present during the entire event to provide support to you and your staff to ensure the day goes smoothly and your customers are properly cared for.

Site Selection & Real Estate

We know the type of location that works best for one of our studios. And choosing the right location is vital to the success of your business. That’s why we help you find the right site by comparing rent costs, analyzing accessibility and visibility, and reviewing demographic information. We’ll even support you through lease negotiations to ensure you get the best rate possible for your space.

Vendors & Equipment

Like many franchises, Uni K Wax has strategic partnerships with vendors to help our franchise partners get the best rates possible for the equipment they need in their studios. We’ve taken the guesswork out of figuring out what you need for your franchise location. Our team will help you secure all of the furniture, fixtures, and equipment you need during studio construction.

Technology, Marketing & PR

Even after your grand opening has come and gone, you can still rely on us. As part of your franchise agreement, we’re dedicated to training you on how to use the recommended point-of-sale and appointments system so you can skillfully grow your business. We’ll also provide you with ongoing marketing and public relations support through the curation of local marketing collateral and the execution of national brand awareness campaigns. We focus on promoting the Uni K Wax name, so you can focus on providing the top-notch service our customers expect from us.

Take Advantage of Our Comprehensive Training & Support

Get started with a brand committed to your success. At Uni K Wax, when you succeed, we all do.

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